Wave Rock
HYDEN, Western Australia

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What is the "outback? It is Australian for NOT the city…. inland, far away from the coast. It suggests open spaces, clear skies and stars, friendliness, hospitality. Many think of it as the real Australia. We do, we live there, and we love it.  Visit and see why.

Walk under Wave Rock at its highest, feel the power of thousands of tonnes of rock surf about to break over you. Visit the Hippo's Yawn. Listen for the wind sighing in the Sheoaks around the Rock: the "whispering gins".

Walk the gentle Breakers. Take the Western Walk and catch the Mallee sun as it sets across the golf course and rolling farmland. Listen to the calls of the homing birds.

Wander outside on a dark moonless night and look up at the clear Mallee sky. See millions of stars strewn across the Milky Way to the horizon, light enough to read by! Find the Southern Cross that marks this hemisphere: down under.

Wake to the cold, crisp morning of the Outback: desert dew and a red ball sun in a clear blue sky. Breathe the fresh air free of city pollution, listen to the noisy birds in the trees...chattering Parrots, talking Magpies, the ever complaining black Crows, and the dancing Willy Wagtail wrens with their "pretty-little-creature" call.

Wander around or across the Rock, see the variety of granite rock plants: ancient She-oaks, the lichen carpets, mosses and Borya cushions colonising bare Rock. Find the sticky Drosera insect eater plants. Climb through the throat of Hippo's Yawn. Watch for the rock lizards scuttling from rock or grass cover to safety in the nearest crack.

Seek out the wildflowers: dried in the roof of the Visitors Centre, and growing up around and on the rock in their season including the twenty varieties of small orchids. Tour the sand plains out east where wildflowers stretch to the horizon in season.

Take a farm tour and sample the farming life: the sheds, machines, the sheep and cattle, the seasonal routine of ploughing / cropping / harvesting / shearing / mustering. Hear the history of struggle and failure. Sample the homestead and family life of this Australian outback. 

Join the relaxing crowd of locals, contractors and travellers at the end of the day at the Wave Rock Motel, in Hyden. Have a drink in the Visitors Corner in the front bar, Barbecue your own steak in the Bush Bistro, try some Wave Rock export beef. Enjoy the buffet of the Sandalwood Restaurant. Or dine a la carte in the Gimlet restaurant.

Wander Hyden town and see how it all works: the railway from the city that ends here (truly this is the outback!), the General Store that supplied all the home needs of settlers being replaced by supermarkets and specialty shops. The stock and station agents that supply the farm business needs. The swimming pool, the primary school, the Telecentre. The Bush Nursing Service, the churches, and the sporting grounds and their clubs…our community, our home in the Australian outback.

Western Australian outback street art at Hyden



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