LAKE MAGIC - Wave Rock
HYDEN, Western Australia

A much treasured, little known attraction at the Wave Rock Resort is water sports on the Resort's Lake Magic. Sailing outback Australia in the cool waters of Lake Magic is a sailor's delight. Yachts are surf catamarans made in Western Australia.Lake Magic Wave Rock Resort

Sailing in the hot outback Australia is a great way to cool off.
Lake Magic is waist deep and safe, however children should be supervised at all times when in or near the lake.

sailing western australia
Denis preparing for a relaxing sail.

sunset sailing western australia   
Denis sunset sailing Lake Magic                    

sailing outback australia

End of a Wave Rock sailing day

catamaran sailing western australia  Denis relaxing. For a thrill he flies a hull when the "Albany Doctor" sea breeze comes in. boating western australia
Dingy and cottages on the shores of Lake Magic 1 km north of Wave Rock.

Water craft belong to the Resort. Contact Denis or the Kiosk near Wave Rock before using:

  • Yachts

  • Canoes

  • Dingy


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