Wave Rock
HYDEN, Western Australia

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Hyden is the gateway to the south-eastern regions of Western Australia, and to the Eastern states.  It offers easy access to Kalgoorlie, Norseman, Esperance and Albany, as well as many other interesting places in between.

So whether you'd like to see historical sights such as the Rabbit Proof Fence or the Goldfields of Coolgardie, Boulder and Karlgoorlie, or you'd like to visit the pristine beaches and wonderous capes of the southern coastline, or even head to the productive green hills and wineries of the South West, from Hyden and Wave Rock you're on your way to the magnificence that makes up Western Australia.

Albany The Central Wheatbelt
Esperance Australia's Golden Outback
Kalgoorlie Experience Perth
Pinnacles Australia's Coral Coast
Norseman Australia's South West
Blackwood River Valley Australia's North West


Wave Rock to Albany                                    347km

Wave Rock to Bunbury                                388km

Wave Rock to Collie                                       312km

Wave Rock to Esperance                             380km

Wave Rock to Kalgoorlie (via Merredin)       496km

Wave Rock to Kalgoorlie (via Yellowdine)    351km

(unsealed surface, drive according to road conditions)

Wave Rock to Katanning                             233km

Wave Rock to Lake Grace                             98km

Wave Rock to Lake King                              124km

Wave Rock to Merredin                                 160km

Wave Rock to Narembeen                             88km

Wave Rock to Norseman                             300km

(unsealed surface, drive according to road conditions)

Wave Rock to Perth                                       345km

Wave Rock to Ravensthorpe                      194km

Wave Rock to Southern Cross                  173km

(unsealed surface, drive according to road conditions)

Wave Rock to Yellowdine                            173km

(unsealed surface, drive according to road conditions)



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