Wave Rock
HYDEN, Western Australia

Three hectares of native bushland create a beautiful haven for the native and exotic animals and birds at the Wave Rock Wildlife Park.    Hundreds of birds and animals from the area, as well as from around Australia,  roam freely or are safely enclosed.   It is popular with children and visitors of all ages. A small charge applies.

Kangaroos, emus, wallabies, wombats, koalas, lizards, and every kind of bush bird can be studied and enjoyed.

The birds of the Hyden area are particularly colourful and noisy.  As many as 40 different species can be seen and heard in the wild. The smallest are the wrens, and the largest are the emus and wedgetail eagles. Six species can be seen almost every day along the roadsides, in the paddocks or in the trees.

Pink and Grey Galahs often flock together in a single tree, chattering and bickering,
making a racket. They can also flock on the road, walking awkwardly in search of grain and will take flight when a vehicle comes by. As they wheel around in sudden flight, the flock can seem to change colour as the pink underfeathers are revealed across the flock. Size of bird: 35cm. They nest in hollow trees.

28 parrotTwenty eight Parrots have feather colours of green, blue, black and yellow. Their hooked beaks resemble hawks and eagles in shape but they do not eat live prey. They are very adept at stripping the pulp from seeds and fruits, and dropping the trash. The name comes from their high pitched, repetitive call "twenty-eight…twenty eight". They move in groups but can travel solo. Size of bird: up to 40cms. They also nest in hollow trees.

Magpies have black and white feathers and are famous for their warbling call especially on cold mornings. They are ground feeders, digging for worms and grubs. They are solitary, or travel in small groups. Size of bird: can grow to 36-40cms. They build a nest of sticks and twigs in trees.

Mudlarks have black and white feathers similar to magpies but are smaller birds growing only to 25cms. They are commonly seen in small groups by the roadside but can also be seen in pairs. They nest in trees, in a bowl shaped nest of mud. Sometimes called Peewits, from their call.

Crows have black plumage. They are commonly seen in open timber country and farmland, in small groups, and make a harsh "caw…caw" call. They are actually Ravens. Size of bird: from 45 to 60cms. Crows make a rough nest of sticks in trees.

Currawongs have grey/black feathers. They are seen in open timber country more than 3 metres tall, as pairs or singly. They are commonly called Squeakers from their noisy call. The flight of these birds is direct and slow, usually not very high above the tree tops. Size of bird: to 50cms.

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Rat tailed kangaroo
Visitors interacting with the wildlife.

Black Swan

At Wave Rock book at the Wildflower Shoppe or before you arrive online:

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Robert the white (not albino) kangaroo.



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